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Posted on: December 6, 2007

Note: I seem to be quite good at NOT posting on the day I wrote…interesting 

Word of the day: escapade

Current mood: Ecstatic!

Current Music: Felony Melanie – Sweet Home Alabama Score by George Fenton

Unfortounately, there was no Dancing with the Stars last night. *tear* However, I did get to watch John McCain on Presidential Dialogues, a program from MTV and Myspace that involves real time questioning to presidential candidates through Myspace IM, and polling data from the show’s Myspace profile. The show was streamed on the profile, and shown live on MTV.
 I gotta tell ya, John McCain officially ROX MY SOX! He answered the questions, straight-up, no double talk. This guy has alot of common sense, and is extremely genuine. He has alot of conern for the Darfur situation and where Social Security is headed. I also have major appreciation for his views on the war. Like I said: very common sense. I honestly think this guy could take Hilary come November. John McCain’s got my vote!

Also: OMG Today is D-Day! Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At Worlds End is out on DVD today! Hang on a sec. (*turns around* EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Ok, I’m better. I am so freakishly excited about this DVD, my friends are starting to think there’s something wrong with me. But there isn’t, I swear! I just happen to LOVEthe escapades of Captain Jack, Will and Elizabeth. This movie, I swear might’ve been the best yet. Hang on again (*turns around and does a piratey dance* YOHO YOHO A PIRATES LIFE FOR ME!!!!) Ok, all better now. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I laughed some more, and I desperately wished I could be like those people. Seriously, this awesome is like WOAH. Everyone should see it! *Starts humming the soundtrack and getting an exciting feeling in the pit of my stomach*


 Unfortounately, the writer’s strike has finally taken it’s tole on one of my shows: House will be running repeats until January. *sobs uncontrolably for 5 minutes* ok…*sniff*…no i’m ok. It’ll be ok. Even if 13 is on the team and is just House’s cheap replacement for Cameron. Seriously? Ok, they already thought she had a disease. Raise you hand if you thought that whole scenario was suspiciously like Cam’s HIV scare. *raises hand* Not to mention, the pale skin, brown curls, and “mysterious past”. She’s so 1st season Cameron it’s rediculous. I can’t believe Wilson hasn’t called him on this! Ya know what? I think Chase is gonna dump her for the “Freudian slip” on camera, and send Cameron running into House’s waiting arms. ‘Course, we won’t KNOW House’s arms are waiting until the opportune moment, but they will be. They’ll sleep together, they’ll say it was a big mistake, and suddenly all that fabulous second season tension is back! YEAH BABY!!!!


 Also on the list of exciting news: THE PSYCH AND MONK CHRISTMAS SPECIALS ARE ONLY 3 DAYS AWAY!!!! All I’m saying is there better be some Shawn/Juliet under the mistletoe. Seroiusly. And apparently, Gus’s parents are gonna be involved in this episode’s escapades! WOO! And Monk is being accused of shooting Santa? It’s always something with these people, isn’t it?


So I leave you with this quote:
“I teach you to lie cheat and steal, and soon as my back’s turned you wait in line?” -Gregory House, M.D.


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