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A Good Kind of Hysteria

Posted on: December 11, 2007

I Really ought to learn how to post the day I write. Seriously.   12/7/07

word of the day: confabulate

Current mood: Excited for tonight!

Current music: Stoppin the Love – KT Tunstall

Well I must say, Ugly Betty was…how shall I say this…HYSTERICAL! Unfortounately, while being hysterical, it kind of lost some…i dunno. That special spark wasn’t there last night. Or am I the only one that thought so? And hey, why wasn’t Betty in the paint-ball war? That woulda been great. She coulda gotten shot first thing, and Daniel coulda been like “NOOOOO!!!!!” hahaha that woulda been great…what were we confabulating about? Oh yeah!


Well, while UB was only ok last night, Grey’s Anatomy was….AWESOME!!! So sad at the end. And I am so pissed at Tucker right now you seriously don’t even wanna talk to me. I wanted to come through that tv screen and beat him down. I think millions of Bailey lovers did. I almost cried when she told George to tell him that she was gonna hold him to his vows. I love her speeches. And then when…what was his name?…Corrugated Artery Guy died, I did cry. I felt so bad for Lexi. That sucked. The ending though was awesome. The “He still can’t promise that” was too cute. Very Grey’s Attending-like. Almost as good as the “Dye-his-hair-for-the-ladies” Elevator ride. Grey’s fans, y’all know what i’m talking about. The original attendings…doesn’t get much better. Too bad Burke AND Addison left. It’s just not the same….what were we talking about? AGAIN?…o right the end of the eppy. The Dance Party was GREAT! Loved it. Brought the whole group together again. I think Cristina was like ‘no more closed circle’ and it was awesome. Also: Am I the only one to notice that Yang’s got some kick-ass interns? Lexi, Steve (from Derek’s surgery)…she’s the new Bailey. I like that.


Can’t wait for what will inevitably be some great Shawn/Jules! *does a happy shippy dance*

You and Me

By the way: Never ever get a job. Just be poor and pathetic. You’re better off. Trust me.


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