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Ode to a Hoodie Dress

Posted on: March 17, 2008

Word of the Day: No one. (Ok it’s a phrase, but it’s so often misspelled as 1 word. UGH.)
Current Mood: Romantic, due to the excessive Logan/Quinn fanfiction I’ve been reading.
Current Music: Bust a Move – Young MC (from The Replacements Soundtrack!!!!)


 I am officially ashamed of Suburbia USA. Why, you ask?
It’s simple rly: No cute clothes.
Here in Podunk, Ohio, we’re about 6 months behind in trends, which forces the fashionistas of the area (aka ME) to suffer. You know how on Zoey 101 and those other awesome shows wear all the girls wear awesome clothes? They’re the latest trends, but with a personalized twist to make ’em a little funky. Yeah, if i wore that stuff, I’d probably get laughed out of the building.
Just one more reason I desperately want to go to college. Specifically Ohio State. It’s this massive school with, literally, tens of thousands of people. No one will care what I wear! I’ll be able go on a morning coffee run in a hoodie dress and Uggs and not a word will be said. I can’t wait for college.
1 year, 5 months. Ok, I guess I have to wait.



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