Insipid Commentary From A Clueless Dreamer

College Life…Sort of.

Posted on: February 4, 2009

Word of the Day: tension
Current Mood: tired, sick of stupid boys and their stupid drama.
Current Music: Just Friends by Jonas Brothers

Well it’s official. I’m kinda sorta a college student. This semester, I am taking a course at Hiram College. I’m still in high school, but there’s this special program call Post Secondary that lets us really awesome sauce smart kids take college courses.

The reading is dreary, but my professor is awesome. One of my biggest problems is I feel like I’m walking around with a great big “I’m Just A High School Student!!!” sign around my neck. Not exactly a good time.

Basically it’s all the hard work and sleepless nights of college without any of the fun stuff, like dorm life and living away from home. *sigh* Even when I win, I lose. That’s ok. My Ohio State application is going out tonight, and if they’re smart, they’ll beg me to pick them.  Which I will.

So now I’ve taken a quiz (nailed it!) and I’m turning in my first little pre-paper paper today(hopefully nailed it!). But honestly, it’s getting hard: class 3 days a week, working 2 more days, dance, youth group, church, meetings, etc etc etc…can y’all say YIKES?

6 More Months.

I can do this.

I hope.


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