Insipid Commentary From A Clueless Dreamer

Wrestling Theories and Candy Hearts

Posted on: February 13, 2009

Current Mood: Pumped for wrestling
Current Music: My Time is Now – John Cena’s theme song

As I sit here and admire The Undertaker’s extreme athleticism, I cannot help but get excited about Sunday night. A huge WWE event will be on Pay Per View this Sunday: NO WAY OUT!!!! Me and my bestiest friend Mikayla are goin splitsies on the pay per view charges, and I’m totally psyched!!!

I also keep reminding myself of my theory: That the Bella Twins are ditzes.

See, The Miz and Morrison fought Primo and Carlito for a date with the Bella Twins on Valentine’s Day.

So, now I have a dillema: Do I cheer for my future husband, John Morrison, or do I hope he loses so he doesn’t get a date with those skanky twins??? And I came up with a marvelous theory:

I cheer for me and Mikayla’s men, and hope they DO get dates with those retards! Because then, The Miz and Morrison will see that those girls are complete retards. And when they meet me and Mikayla, they will be even more appreciative of our complete and utter awesomeness! Yes, I think that is a serious possibility.

And besides that, who cares about evil Valentine’s Day anyways? It’s a stupid day. It sucks really. The only good thing about it  is the mass amounts of candy and chocolate.  Stupid day that makes me feel bad. It’s ok though. Because I’ve got Mikayla and Karley. They are my valentines this year. In the words of Miz and Morrison: BE JEALOUS!!!!


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