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This is my first post since the end of summer. I’m finally done mourning Willow Lake. I realized the harder I work right now, the more I’ll enjoy it next summer. So I’m done missing my blue pool water and grass covered in beach towels. My sunblock and detangler has been put away. I can get through the day without cheese sticks. Shocking, but true.

So now, it’s time to focus on fall-type things. Like my tv shows. Yes, premiere sweeps are over. But I can still rant.

Ugly Betty:
OMG. The whole Christina-murder-attempt thing had me on the edge of my seat. And then the ENDING!!!! o_o 
Dude Alexis was a beeyotch when she was still Alex!!!
And that whole Daniel Jr fiasco last week. That was so sad. I felt so bad for Daniel! (sr.) He finally manned up and then found out that he LIKED being a dad and what happens? His son gets torn away from him. WOW.
And ya know what occurred to me earlier today? Every girl that Daniel gets serious about breaks his heart into a thousand tiny pieces! Sophia, Renee, are you seeing a pattern???…but it’s ok. (not really. I want to gouge their eyes out.) That just means that when Daniel and Betty finally end up together, It’ll be that much better. He’ll never EVER cheat on her because he’ll know how lucky he is to have her. So there Detty haters. Whaddaya think about THAT???

So who caught the McStizzie moments last week? I DID!!!! teehee. They will be so hott.
As a side note: Who else hates Alex this season? Cuz he is being a HUGE…sumthin lol.
And wow I feel so bad for Lexie with her whole George thing. I can totally relate. Seriously.

Eli Stone:
Why do I have a feeling I’m going to have to hate Katie Holmes’ character? It’s just a hunch drawn from the previews, but I have a gut feeling that it’s not going to be pretty for Eli/Maggie for a while. Although, perhaps this new girl in Eli’s life will make Maggie jealous and then Katie’s character and Evil Fiancee can get together. That would be ok.

I have only one thing to say:

Ok, that’s all for now. More…Thursday maybe? Friday? idk. Whenever I feel like it! BWAHAHA!!!!



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 Well it\'s true


With all these season finales, I am tempted to throw a fit.

That’s right. I, a near-adult, want to throw a temper tantrum like no 2 year-old has ever seen.  Things were just getting good! Drama was happening! Pairings were being alluded to! It was fabulous! And they went and ended it all just because it was ‘finale time’. Retards. That’s ok though. Because now there can be a whole bunch of speculation for NEXT season! YAY!

So here is my wish list for next season:



A ring for Meredith

Someone for Izzie and McSteamy (Preferably each other)

Less on-screen lesbian macking.

It was inevitable


Ugly Betty:

WAY MORE Daniel/Betty moments

For Henry to finally pack up his baby mama and all her drama and JUST FREAKIN LEAVE ALREADY!!!!!


For Wilhelmina to spontaneously combust so the Meade Clan plus Betty can dance around her flaming ashes singing “Ding-dong the witch is dead!”…maybe that could fall under the Daniel/Betty moments thing????

 they totally are

Eli Stone:

Less angst for Eli and Maggie, more cuteness

For Taylor and what’s his face…Mark I think…to get it together already…or at least be secret sex-buddies….that would be fun. Lol.

O yeah: For Eli to wake up and be ok and still have visions ‘cause they ARE from God, not the aneurysm.

 It WILL happen!


For Megan to come back (not that it’ll happen)

For Charlie to somehow get his security clearance back so he can continue his work for the FBI because: HELLO that was the ENTIRE PREMISE OF THE SHOW!!!!!!

*wheeze, wheeze* I’m Ok

For Charlie to just propose to Amita already. Her parents freaking LOVE him!

For Liz and Colby to end up together because they are WAY cute.



To have it revealed that House and Cameron have been sleeping together this whole time. I say this only because of the ‘syphilis’ ordeal wherein Wilson noted that House WAS in fact screwing somebody and Cameron acted oddly when questioned about sleeping with House at all. Coincidence? I think NOT!!!!

For Wilson not to hate House’s guts just because of his actions causing the death of Wilson’s (possibly) one true love.

For more Thirteen-is-bi jokes. Because “I think I dated that nurse…nope. False alarm.” Was freaking hysterical!




Mac to be OK.

For Danny and Lindsey to still be together ‘cause they are ADORABLE AND WE WAITED SO FREAKIN LONG FOR THEM TO BE TOGETHER AND THEY’RE SO IN LOVE!!!!


*ahem* where was I? O yeah.

Someone for Stella. Adam perhaps? I think he has a teeny lil crush on her.


 NY icon!!! O snap!


I am officially kidnapping Shawn Spencer and holding him hostage in an undisclosed location in the Caribbean where he will feed me pineapple chunks until my Psych demands are met! They are:


1)      Shawn/Juliet moments! There were almost NONE last season!

2)      Cranky!Lassie. He’s been WAY too nice lately…especially to Jules.

3)      The Chief’s daughter to run amok in the station because it’d be HYSTERICAL!!!

4)      Info on Shawn’s mom and why she left in the first place.

5)      O yeah. Some Starbucks for me and Shawn here.


 A classic Psych moment


Alright that’s it. I’m done. I’ve officially worn out my wish list welcome I think soooo sorry but I needed to get that off my chest. I feel better now. Thank you for listening.

Word of the Day: No one. (Ok it’s a phrase, but it’s so often misspelled as 1 word. UGH.)
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 I am officially ashamed of Suburbia USA. Why, you ask?
It’s simple rly: No cute clothes.
Here in Podunk, Ohio, we’re about 6 months behind in trends, which forces the fashionistas of the area (aka ME) to suffer. You know how on Zoey 101 and those other awesome shows wear all the girls wear awesome clothes? They’re the latest trends, but with a personalized twist to make ’em a little funky. Yeah, if i wore that stuff, I’d probably get laughed out of the building.
Just one more reason I desperately want to go to college. Specifically Ohio State. It’s this massive school with, literally, tens of thousands of people. No one will care what I wear! I’ll be able go on a morning coffee run in a hoodie dress and Uggs and not a word will be said. I can’t wait for college.
1 year, 5 months. Ok, I guess I have to wait.


Word of the Day: Adjuvant: Serving to aid or contribute; auxillary.

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Icon of the Day:


So this is the part of the show where I start a daily update of my Writer’s Strike misery, yes? Alright, if you insist!

            Day 86. *Bangs head on keyboard*

As much as I support the Writer’s Guild, and what they’re trying to do, this strike is getting old pretty fast. Nearly all my shows have been taken prisoner by these not-so-evil people! Psych, NUMB3RS, and Boston Legal are my only sanctum sanctorum as of now. Ugly Betty was finally captured Thursday night, and in true UB fashion, they ended with Betty and Henry singing/rapping ‘It Takes Two’ by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock. A subtle message to the AMPTP perhaps? I’d like to think so.




So, since you’re probably tired of reading my TV rants, how about this? While searching the web for knock-offs of the Gossip Girl wardrobe (Because I am completely envious of everything Blair and Serena wear on that show.), I stumbled upon this awesome site! or !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basically you the viewer, uh, consumer, can recommend any product you so choose and tell people where to get it! Or, you can check out what new, exciting things other people have found! For instance: Those tri-color boots Blair wore with her red tights in Hi, Society? $48. This site is-Dare I say it? A-M-A-zing! (Thank Will and Grace for that one) I recently recommended the only sunscreen I’ve found that keeps me sunburn-free. And that’s kind of hard what with 30+ hours in the sun every week, and pale skin. So go ahead, be adjuvant to your fellow man! And friend me! Yeah, do that!

“Dude, these are my people! Dreamers, thinkers, artists, guys dressed as toast!”
~Shawn Spencer~


I Really ought to learn how to post the day I write. Seriously.   12/7/07

word of the day: confabulate

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Well I must say, Ugly Betty was…how shall I say this…HYSTERICAL! Unfortounately, while being hysterical, it kind of lost some…i dunno. That special spark wasn’t there last night. Or am I the only one that thought so? And hey, why wasn’t Betty in the paint-ball war? That woulda been great. She coulda gotten shot first thing, and Daniel coulda been like “NOOOOO!!!!!” hahaha that woulda been great…what were we confabulating about? Oh yeah!


Well, while UB was only ok last night, Grey’s Anatomy was….AWESOME!!! So sad at the end. And I am so pissed at Tucker right now you seriously don’t even wanna talk to me. I wanted to come through that tv screen and beat him down. I think millions of Bailey lovers did. I almost cried when she told George to tell him that she was gonna hold him to his vows. I love her speeches. And then when…what was his name?…Corrugated Artery Guy died, I did cry. I felt so bad for Lexi. That sucked. The ending though was awesome. The “He still can’t promise that” was too cute. Very Grey’s Attending-like. Almost as good as the “Dye-his-hair-for-the-ladies” Elevator ride. Grey’s fans, y’all know what i’m talking about. The original attendings…doesn’t get much better. Too bad Burke AND Addison left. It’s just not the same….what were we talking about? AGAIN?…o right the end of the eppy. The Dance Party was GREAT! Loved it. Brought the whole group together again. I think Cristina was like ‘no more closed circle’ and it was awesome. Also: Am I the only one to notice that Yang’s got some kick-ass interns? Lexi, Steve (from Derek’s surgery)…she’s the new Bailey. I like that.


Can’t wait for what will inevitably be some great Shawn/Jules! *does a happy shippy dance*

You and Me

By the way: Never ever get a job. Just be poor and pathetic. You’re better off. Trust me.

Note: I seem to be quite good at NOT posting on the day I wrote…interesting 

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Unfortounately, there was no Dancing with the Stars last night. *tear* However, I did get to watch John McCain on Presidential Dialogues, a program from MTV and Myspace that involves real time questioning to presidential candidates through Myspace IM, and polling data from the show’s Myspace profile. The show was streamed on the profile, and shown live on MTV.
 I gotta tell ya, John McCain officially ROX MY SOX! He answered the questions, straight-up, no double talk. This guy has alot of common sense, and is extremely genuine. He has alot of conern for the Darfur situation and where Social Security is headed. I also have major appreciation for his views on the war. Like I said: very common sense. I honestly think this guy could take Hilary come November. John McCain’s got my vote!

Also: OMG Today is D-Day! Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At Worlds End is out on DVD today! Hang on a sec. (*turns around* EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Ok, I’m better. I am so freakishly excited about this DVD, my friends are starting to think there’s something wrong with me. But there isn’t, I swear! I just happen to LOVEthe escapades of Captain Jack, Will and Elizabeth. This movie, I swear might’ve been the best yet. Hang on again (*turns around and does a piratey dance* YOHO YOHO A PIRATES LIFE FOR ME!!!!) Ok, all better now. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I laughed some more, and I desperately wished I could be like those people. Seriously, this awesome is like WOAH. Everyone should see it! *Starts humming the soundtrack and getting an exciting feeling in the pit of my stomach*


 Unfortounately, the writer’s strike has finally taken it’s tole on one of my shows: House will be running repeats until January. *sobs uncontrolably for 5 minutes* ok…*sniff*…no i’m ok. It’ll be ok. Even if 13 is on the team and is just House’s cheap replacement for Cameron. Seriously? Ok, they already thought she had a disease. Raise you hand if you thought that whole scenario was suspiciously like Cam’s HIV scare. *raises hand* Not to mention, the pale skin, brown curls, and “mysterious past”. She’s so 1st season Cameron it’s rediculous. I can’t believe Wilson hasn’t called him on this! Ya know what? I think Chase is gonna dump her for the “Freudian slip” on camera, and send Cameron running into House’s waiting arms. ‘Course, we won’t KNOW House’s arms are waiting until the opportune moment, but they will be. They’ll sleep together, they’ll say it was a big mistake, and suddenly all that fabulous second season tension is back! YEAH BABY!!!!


 Also on the list of exciting news: THE PSYCH AND MONK CHRISTMAS SPECIALS ARE ONLY 3 DAYS AWAY!!!! All I’m saying is there better be some Shawn/Juliet under the mistletoe. Seroiusly. And apparently, Gus’s parents are gonna be involved in this episode’s escapades! WOO! And Monk is being accused of shooting Santa? It’s always something with these people, isn’t it?


So I leave you with this quote:
“I teach you to lie cheat and steal, and soon as my back’s turned you wait in line?” -Gregory House, M.D.

I meant to post this last night. So it’s slightly…well yesterday’s news!  

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Today, I opened my ‘scheduled recordings list’ on my DVR, hit ‘info’ on the remote, and do you know what I found? That Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy would both be repeats tonight! No new episodes? Alright, now the writers have gone too far! Don’t they know what they’re doing to their loyal subjects? Tyrants! I say we take over the ABC studios while all the writers are gone! Here’s my fool-proof plan:

1) Infiltrate ABC building
2) Throw all remaining employees out on their asses.
3) Cancel Private Practice
4) Write Grey’s Anatomy episode that brings Addison back to Seattle, gets rid of Ava, and voids all Gizzie relationship-ness in one deliciously awesome episode.
5) Write Ugly Betty episode that gets rid of Henry, develops Gio’s character, and has cute Daniel/Betty moments.
6) Tie writers to chairs and demand that they tell us where the already taped episodes are, so we may review and edit them to my our pleasure.
7) Tell Shonda that she’s an idiot for starting Private Practice and throw muffins at her. (O how I miss my A-Team)
8 ) Laugh maniaclly

That’s all the farther I’ve gotten. If you have any ideas, please inform me about them. Unless they’re anti Addison/Alex or anti Daniel/Betty. If that’s the case, then get lost.
Next on the agenda: The spanking law. Massachusetts Rep. Jay Kaufman has introduced a bill (on behalf of a nurse) to ban spanking children to the state congress. It would outlaw a parent’s right to spank their own kids on the butt! Is this guy that stupid, or has he just lost his mind? First of all, I have never, in my life, met a parent that didn’t spank their kids. In fact, when he debated on the issue on the Fox News morning show Fox and Friends, the host, Gretchen Carlson, flat out asked Rep. Kaufman whether or not he spanked his own children. He carefully skirted around the issue and said he would not be dragged into finger pointing or accusations. Secondly, how in the world do they expect to enforce this? Put cameras in everybody’s homes? Child abuse is illegal all over the country, yet it contines to go on in homes! Just because they outlaw spanking, that doesn’t mean it will magically disappear. Earlier this year, the same idea was introduced to the California state legislature, and shot down. If they’re not even crazy enough to pass this law in California, what makes this guy think he could do it Massachusetts? Idiot.


And now you know! Cuz it’s mike’s super short show! haha


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