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Current Mood: Bored and HATING FINALS!!!!

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 Well it\'s true


With all these season finales, I am tempted to throw a fit.

That’s right. I, a near-adult, want to throw a temper tantrum like no 2 year-old has ever seen.  Things were just getting good! Drama was happening! Pairings were being alluded to! It was fabulous! And they went and ended it all just because it was ‘finale time’. Retards. That’s ok though. Because now there can be a whole bunch of speculation for NEXT season! YAY!

So here is my wish list for next season:



A ring for Meredith

Someone for Izzie and McSteamy (Preferably each other)

Less on-screen lesbian macking.

It was inevitable


Ugly Betty:

WAY MORE Daniel/Betty moments

For Henry to finally pack up his baby mama and all her drama and JUST FREAKIN LEAVE ALREADY!!!!!


For Wilhelmina to spontaneously combust so the Meade Clan plus Betty can dance around her flaming ashes singing “Ding-dong the witch is dead!”…maybe that could fall under the Daniel/Betty moments thing????

 they totally are

Eli Stone:

Less angst for Eli and Maggie, more cuteness

For Taylor and what’s his face…Mark I think…to get it together already…or at least be secret sex-buddies….that would be fun. Lol.

O yeah: For Eli to wake up and be ok and still have visions ‘cause they ARE from God, not the aneurysm.

 It WILL happen!


For Megan to come back (not that it’ll happen)

For Charlie to somehow get his security clearance back so he can continue his work for the FBI because: HELLO that was the ENTIRE PREMISE OF THE SHOW!!!!!!

*wheeze, wheeze* I’m Ok

For Charlie to just propose to Amita already. Her parents freaking LOVE him!

For Liz and Colby to end up together because they are WAY cute.



To have it revealed that House and Cameron have been sleeping together this whole time. I say this only because of the ‘syphilis’ ordeal wherein Wilson noted that House WAS in fact screwing somebody and Cameron acted oddly when questioned about sleeping with House at all. Coincidence? I think NOT!!!!

For Wilson not to hate House’s guts just because of his actions causing the death of Wilson’s (possibly) one true love.

For more Thirteen-is-bi jokes. Because “I think I dated that nurse…nope. False alarm.” Was freaking hysterical!




Mac to be OK.

For Danny and Lindsey to still be together ‘cause they are ADORABLE AND WE WAITED SO FREAKIN LONG FOR THEM TO BE TOGETHER AND THEY’RE SO IN LOVE!!!!


*ahem* where was I? O yeah.

Someone for Stella. Adam perhaps? I think he has a teeny lil crush on her.


 NY icon!!! O snap!


I am officially kidnapping Shawn Spencer and holding him hostage in an undisclosed location in the Caribbean where he will feed me pineapple chunks until my Psych demands are met! They are:


1)      Shawn/Juliet moments! There were almost NONE last season!

2)      Cranky!Lassie. He’s been WAY too nice lately…especially to Jules.

3)      The Chief’s daughter to run amok in the station because it’d be HYSTERICAL!!!

4)      Info on Shawn’s mom and why she left in the first place.

5)      O yeah. Some Starbucks for me and Shawn here.


 A classic Psych moment


Alright that’s it. I’m done. I’ve officially worn out my wish list welcome I think soooo sorry but I needed to get that off my chest. I feel better now. Thank you for listening.


Word of the Day:  Hameron (House/Cameron for you oblivious people)

Current Mood: tired, slightly pissed off 

 Alright, am I the only one that’s noticed all the tv show writers have gone totally away from canon? *looks around*

Seriously! Think about it:

Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith and Derek broke up. Wierd enough. But then Izzie and George? Seriously?!? No one even thought about them until it started and then everybody’s Gizzie this and Gizzie that. Uh Hello? 2 weeks ago you wanted her with either McSteamy or Alex. Suddenly pathetic weakling still an intern George is so wonderful? Dude.


 House M.D.: First, everyone on his team leaves. Bad enough right there. I was bawling my eyes out. Then he sees Chase. YAY! Then it happens: He finds Cameron in the ER! She’s been there for 3 WEEKS!!! I screamed with fangirl glee and skipped around the room and my dad yelled at me. There was hope for House/Cameron yet! We all knew they were meant to be! There were some super cute moments for them. Then it happened: Last night, he fired Amber and 13, and kept Kutner and Taub. (YAY!) But then he re-hires 13! WTF? Is it not completely obvious she’s just a cheap imitation of Cameron? The vicodin has clearly gone to House’s brain. 13 is…how I imagined House and Cameron’s grown daughter lol. But she would be less bitter. And not drink de-caf.


Ugly Betty: Ok, they gave us some GREAT Daniel/Betty moments last week so I’ll forgive them for their previous Walter-based stupidity.  And Henry. Sort of. Alright no, I’m totally holding a grudge against Henry. He sucks. Oh well.

I Got You Babe!

NUMB3RS: Holy crap! How could Don and Liz break up? They’re…Don and Liz! He said, and I quote: “No! I’m crazy about you!” Ok, anyone that can get Don Eppes to literally say he’s crazy about her, should be freakin expectin a diamond ring! And then it’s all ‘maybe it’s just the adrenaline.’ GRRRR!!!!

Well that’s all for now. I might lose my mind if I keep going. Just thought I might want to point that out. I say we all take over the networks and get things back to canon! And install Starbucks on every floor! WHO’S WITH ME?!?!?!


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