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So I’m getting ready to send my acceptance fee into Ohio State and I’m wondering: Why am I being fined for the fact that they want me at their school? That’s dumb. Especially since I had to plunk down $40 just to apply! 

Who knew being smart was so expensive??? Life would be so much easier (and cheaper) if I could’ve just been a dumb blonde. Seriously. I’m tall. I’m in shape. I’m one augmentation away from being a Playboy Bunny! I’m sure Pamela Anderson makes a heck of alot more money than I will in politics. Why God? Why did you have to give me a brain??? (Just kidding, God. I know you’ve got a plan 😀 )

Hmm…maybe I could be a WWE Diva….Those outfits they wear ARE really cute….and I’d get to hang out with John Cena…and John Morrison….*sigh*….ahem. Moving on.

Basically, if I could just be exactly what stupid, stereotyping, judgemental people think of me, I’d be a freakin millionaire!  But what’s that to a job I love???

PS: 29 Days til Summer!!!!





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