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I meant to post this last night. So it’s slightly…well yesterday’s news!  

word of the day: clairvoyant

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Today, I opened my ‘scheduled recordings list’ on my DVR, hit ‘info’ on the remote, and do you know what I found? That Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy would both be repeats tonight! No new episodes? Alright, now the writers have gone too far! Don’t they know what they’re doing to their loyal subjects? Tyrants! I say we take over the ABC studios while all the writers are gone! Here’s my fool-proof plan:

1) Infiltrate ABC building
2) Throw all remaining employees out on their asses.
3) Cancel Private Practice
4) Write Grey’s Anatomy episode that brings Addison back to Seattle, gets rid of Ava, and voids all Gizzie relationship-ness in one deliciously awesome episode.
5) Write Ugly Betty episode that gets rid of Henry, develops Gio’s character, and has cute Daniel/Betty moments.
6) Tie writers to chairs and demand that they tell us where the already taped episodes are, so we may review and edit them to my our pleasure.
7) Tell Shonda that she’s an idiot for starting Private Practice and throw muffins at her. (O how I miss my A-Team)
8 ) Laugh maniaclly

That’s all the farther I’ve gotten. If you have any ideas, please inform me about them. Unless they’re anti Addison/Alex or anti Daniel/Betty. If that’s the case, then get lost.
Next on the agenda: The spanking law. Massachusetts Rep. Jay Kaufman has introduced a bill (on behalf of a nurse) to ban spanking children to the state congress. It would outlaw a parent’s right to spank their own kids on the butt! Is this guy that stupid, or has he just lost his mind? First of all, I have never, in my life, met a parent that didn’t spank their kids. In fact, when he debated on the issue on the Fox News morning show Fox and Friends, the host, Gretchen Carlson, flat out asked Rep. Kaufman whether or not he spanked his own children. He carefully skirted around the issue and said he would not be dragged into finger pointing or accusations. Secondly, how in the world do they expect to enforce this? Put cameras in everybody’s homes? Child abuse is illegal all over the country, yet it contines to go on in homes! Just because they outlaw spanking, that doesn’t mean it will magically disappear. Earlier this year, the same idea was introduced to the California state legislature, and shot down. If they’re not even crazy enough to pass this law in California, what makes this guy think he could do it Massachusetts? Idiot.


And now you know! Cuz it’s mike’s super short show! haha


Word of the Day:  Hameron (House/Cameron for you oblivious people)

Current Mood: tired, slightly pissed off 

 Alright, am I the only one that’s noticed all the tv show writers have gone totally away from canon? *looks around*

Seriously! Think about it:

Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith and Derek broke up. Wierd enough. But then Izzie and George? Seriously?!? No one even thought about them until it started and then everybody’s Gizzie this and Gizzie that. Uh Hello? 2 weeks ago you wanted her with either McSteamy or Alex. Suddenly pathetic weakling still an intern George is so wonderful? Dude.


 House M.D.: First, everyone on his team leaves. Bad enough right there. I was bawling my eyes out. Then he sees Chase. YAY! Then it happens: He finds Cameron in the ER! She’s been there for 3 WEEKS!!! I screamed with fangirl glee and skipped around the room and my dad yelled at me. There was hope for House/Cameron yet! We all knew they were meant to be! There were some super cute moments for them. Then it happened: Last night, he fired Amber and 13, and kept Kutner and Taub. (YAY!) But then he re-hires 13! WTF? Is it not completely obvious she’s just a cheap imitation of Cameron? The vicodin has clearly gone to House’s brain. 13 is…how I imagined House and Cameron’s grown daughter lol. But she would be less bitter. And not drink de-caf.


Ugly Betty: Ok, they gave us some GREAT Daniel/Betty moments last week so I’ll forgive them for their previous Walter-based stupidity.  And Henry. Sort of. Alright no, I’m totally holding a grudge against Henry. He sucks. Oh well.

I Got You Babe!

NUMB3RS: Holy crap! How could Don and Liz break up? They’re…Don and Liz! He said, and I quote: “No! I’m crazy about you!” Ok, anyone that can get Don Eppes to literally say he’s crazy about her, should be freakin expectin a diamond ring! And then it’s all ‘maybe it’s just the adrenaline.’ GRRRR!!!!

Well that’s all for now. I might lose my mind if I keep going. Just thought I might want to point that out. I say we all take over the networks and get things back to canon! And install Starbucks on every floor! WHO’S WITH ME?!?!?!


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