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So I’m getting ready to send my acceptance fee into Ohio State and I’m wondering: Why am I being fined for the fact that they want me at their school? That’s dumb. Especially since I had to plunk down $40 just to apply!¬†

Who knew being smart was so expensive??? Life would be so much easier (and cheaper) if I could’ve just been a dumb blonde. Seriously. I’m tall. I’m in shape. I’m one augmentation away from being a Playboy Bunny! I’m sure Pamela Anderson makes a heck of alot more money than I will in politics. Why God? Why did you have to give me a brain??? (Just kidding, God. I know you’ve got a plan ūüėÄ )

Hmm…maybe I could be a WWE Diva….Those outfits they wear ARE really cute….and I’d get to hang out with John Cena…and John Morrison….*sigh*….ahem. Moving on.

Basically, if I could just be exactly what stupid, stereotyping, judgemental people think of me, I’d be a freakin millionaire!¬† But what’s that to a job I love???

PS: 29 Days til Summer!!!!




Current Mood: Frustrated, Bored
Current Music: …To Be Loved by Papa Roach (Not my usual stuff, but I heard it on RAW and fell in love with it.)

I’ve noticed a phenomena: EVERYONE counts down to stuff. Birthdays, prom, graduation, summer starting…it’s just what we do!

But when that stuff gets here, is it REALLY everything we anticipated for the last 3 months? Seriously, do you have any idea how many girls I see crying in the bathroom at prom??? (Guys, take note: Don’t make your date cry at prom)

I have NO IDEA what my point is here though, because I’m counting down to about 15 different things right now….logically I should be the biggest pessimist EVER by now because I’m ALWAYS counting down!….O well.


May 1st: PROM!!!!
May 8th: School’s Out! woot!
May 9th: WWE comes to Y-Town! 4th row seats babiii!!!! John Cena here I come!
May 16th: Dance Recital
May 23rd: Willow Opens! YAY!
May 28th: GRADUATION!!!!

And that’s just May. Don’t even get me started on the next 6 months or so….This will officially be the greatest summer EVER!!!! Just thought you’d all like to know about that. Ok, I’m done rambling. I’ve got a¬†Theatre project on Hairspray to do!



Current Mood: Tired, pleased.

Current Music: Innocent by Stellar Kart


So I’ve really felt God calling me lately. Like He desperately wants me to get closer to him…or perhaps He wants me to WANT to get closer to Him? And I’ve finally come to this place where I DO want to get close to God. I’m finally saying “Ok. I tried things my way. I tried avoiding this…I tried human relationships…and I’ve found out how much people let me down. Let’s do this for real. Let’s do things your way.” I’m really starting to realize that the only way I’m going to get through the next few years is to truly seek God’s face.


It’s not that me and God weren’t tight before. God has changed my life is a thousand different ways. But I’m realizing that for the most part, I was only running to Him with the bad stuff. I want Him to be my best friend, my absolute everything. I can’t pick and choose the parts of my life that He gets to be a part of. He wants it ALL.


Last week, Pastor Rob spoke about love and purity in Elevate, and when we were praying, I felt God speaking to me. He was saying “Give me this part of your life. Let me be in control of this. Let me bring you the man I’ve created FOR YOU.” And I did. I gave God control in my love life because, I recently figured out, my way doesn’t always turn out so well.

So I’m publically saying, right here, right now, that God is in control of my love life.

I’ve finally said “Alright God. Here ya go! Lemme know when he shows up!”

Current Mood: Pumped for wrestling
Current Music: My Time is Now – John Cena’s theme song

As I sit here and admire The Undertaker’s extreme athleticism, I cannot help but get excited about Sunday night. A¬†huge WWE event will be on Pay Per View this Sunday:¬†NO WAY OUT!!!! Me and my bestiest friend Mikayla are goin splitsies on the pay per view charges, and I’m totally psyched!!!

I also keep reminding myself of my theory: That the Bella Twins are ditzes.

See, The Miz and Morrison fought Primo and Carlito for a date with the Bella Twins on Valentine’s Day.

So, now I have a dillema: Do I cheer for my future husband, John Morrison, or do I hope he loses so he doesn’t get a date with those skanky twins??? And I came up with a marvelous theory:

I cheer for me and Mikayla’s men, and hope they DO get dates with those retards! Because then, The Miz and Morrison will see that those girls are complete retards. And when they meet me and Mikayla, they will be even more appreciative of our complete and utter awesomeness! Yes, I think that is a serious possibility.

And besides that, who cares about evil Valentine’s Day anyways? It’s a stupid day. It sucks really. The only good thing about it ¬†is the mass amounts of candy and chocolate.¬† Stupid day that makes me feel bad. It’s ok though. Because I’ve got Mikayla and Karley. They are my valentines this year. In the words of Miz and Morrison: BE JEALOUS!!!!

Current Mood: Happy, Excited, and Stressed
Current Music:¬†The sound of the ECW crowd chanting ‘YOU SUCK’ at Jack Swagger ūüėČ

I have discovered¬†that¬†I have expensive taste.¬†It’s not a conscious decision. Give me an entire closet full of untagged shoes, and I will immediately, unknowingly,¬†gravitate toward the most expensive ones. I can’t help it.

This entire theory can be proven by my prom dress shopping. That’s right folks, it’s already prom dress season. And as per the usual,¬†my instant favorite is rediculously expensive.

The dress¬†I’ve picked out is a gorgeous red ball gown from Flirt by Maggie Sottero.¬†It’s the perfect color, the perfect cut, the perfect straps, everything!…It’s also $450.¬†¬†

Yes, you read that right. $450. Don’t these people know that the economy is bad? People can’t afford that anymore! DUH! So now what? Do I try to get my mom to split the cost? That’s still $225 dollars that my parents don’t have.

Something tells me I’d better start picking up some extra shifts at work. Because I WILL have that dress.

SIDEBAR: Apparently ‘Christian’ is back on ECW???¬† I admit…I have no idea who that is. I’m about to fix that though.

Current Mood: Confused and Excited
Current Music: All the Single Ladies by Beyonce

I am quickly discovering that wrestling is not an easy sport to follow. You have to understand all the old rivalries, the ancient drudged-up story lines from 2 years ago. You have to know who The Rock, Rick Flair, and Jimmy Snuka are. It’s a complicated thing that requires lots of research.

For example:

In the past few weeks, Randy Orton has become quite the hateful little such-and-such. I could rant for about half an hour on this guy. Just know that after totally betraying the company, he kicked Mr. McMahon in the head and sent him to the hospital. Everyone expected his daughter Stephanie to fire Orton the next week on RAW. But in a completely out there shocker, Here Comes The Money started playing and guess who should appear?


Not that I knew who he was. I figured out he was McMahon’s son. Duh. But what I didn’t know is how far back his wrestling career went. How many issues the family had with Stone Cold Steve Austin. And how complicated and confusing it all really is. So I decided to do some research.

Thank you Wikipedia, for clearing it up AND making it twice as confusing as it was 5 minutes ago!

My latest obsession is turning out to require some serious internet research.

Word of the Day: tension
Current Mood: tired, sick of stupid boys and their stupid drama.
Current Music: Just Friends by Jonas Brothers

Well it’s official. I’m kinda sorta a college student. This semester, I am taking a course at Hiram College. I’m still in high school, but there’s this special program call Post Secondary that lets us really awesome sauce smart kids take college courses.

The reading is dreary, but my professor is awesome. One of my biggest problems is I feel like I’m walking around with a great big “I’m Just A High School Student!!!” sign around my neck. Not exactly a good time.

Basically it’s all the hard work and sleepless nights of college without any of the fun stuff, like dorm life and living away from home. *sigh* Even when I win, I lose. That’s ok. My Ohio State application is going out tonight, and if they’re smart, they’ll beg me to¬†pick them.¬† Which I will.

So now I’ve taken a quiz (nailed it!) and I’m turning in my first little pre-paper paper today(hopefully nailed it!). But honestly, it’s getting hard:¬†class 3 days a week, working 2 more days, dance, youth group, church, meetings, etc etc etc…can y’all say YIKES?

6 More Months.

I can do this.

I hope.


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